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Chris-Marine USA, Inc. opened its doors in 1980 as Chris-Marine Sweden’s sales and service office responsible for supporting customers in the United States, South and Central America and the Caribbean. Having an extensive background studying and working with a variety of diesel engines, Kent Ekenberg was then appointed Operations Manager/Vice President. During this time, the company became an MAN B&W authorized service center, sending employees to MAN and B&W annually for training and education, many of who are still with the company. In later years, IOP Marine representation was favorably granted, as it is a great compliment to Chris-Marine products.
In 2005, Mr. Ekenberg purchased Chris-Marine USA which operates today as KE Marine, Inc. (sales of Chris-Marine and IOP Marine equipment) and Worldwide Diesel Power, Inc. (diesel engine service and spare parts sales). To our advantage, Chris-Marine and IOP Marine merged soon after. KE Marine also opened a service hub at the Grand Bahama Shipyard in 2012 to better serve our clients in that region. KE Marine, Inc. and Worldwide Diesel Power, Inc. continue to seek new solutions in giving our customers the best in diesel engine maintenance.

Our Facilities

Conveniently located in Jacksonville, Florida, our facilities are fully equipped and easily accessible to major ports and power plants.

Our 26,000 sq. ft. workshop is fully equipped for overhauling and reconditioning of all diesel engine components, including fuel injectors / pumps and turbochargers. Our two, 3 ton overhead cranes easily facilitate components through each zone of our shop including our in-house welding area, parts cleaning and sandblasting area and quality control and storage areas.

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