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WGM Wavecut Grinding Machine

Portable machine for in-situ use wavecut grinding


This machine has been specifically developed to provide cylinder liners with a tribologically superior surface known as wavecut pattern, allowing for better lubrication and reduced attrition. Due to the mounting adapters on top of the machine it is self-centering, highly stable and accurate. The motors are pneumatically driven and other features include water cooling system and PLC-controlled grinding depth feeding system.

Additional Details
  • For cylinder liners 350 – 980 mm diameter bore
  • Overhauling of MAN 2-stroke diesel engine liners
  • Machining process within time for piston overhaul
  • Air driven motors
  • Self-centering machine frame on top of cylinder liner
  • PLC-controlled grinding depth feeding system
  • Cooling water system for liquid supply
  • Automatic stop after completed operation

Available for several engine makers, e.g: MAN B&W

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