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VPUD Fuel Injector Test Rig

Fuel injector test rig with digital read-out. For test of fuel injectors for 2- & 4-stroke engines.

  • A slide-valve protection system is included
  • Step-by-step test procedure to guide operator
Additional Details


  • Valve holders for 150+ different injectors
  • Oil mist separator
  • Test fluid


VPUD 1000 approved and recommended by MAN Diesel.


VPUD 1100

  • VPUD 1100 SV for testing slide valve fuel injectors A slide-valve protection system is included
  • VPUD 1100 for testing of traditional valves Available in version MKI and MKII depending on engine type


Using VPUD 1100 MKI and MKII for MAN slide valves can damage the valves. Use the PPMI 1000 to use the VPUD 1100 for MAN slide valves.

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