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Ultra Rinse

Ultrasonic Cleaning Liquid


IOP Marine’s cleaning solution specifically designed for the removal of scale, rust and heavy oil. Ultra Rinse is a synergistic blend of components, which enables rapid penetration and removal of deposits that are normally resistant to acid cleaning.


The cleaning solution issuitable for use on all metals and other hard surfaces inluding wood, plastic, tiled and painted surfaces.

Additional Details

Being based on phosphoric acid, the Ultra Rinse cleaning solution is:

  • Safe on all metals
  • An effective rust remover
  • Causes minimal fumes
  • Highly cost effective as it is dilutable with water
  • Has excellent wetting and penetration properties as it contains detergents


The products can be used in simple immersion systems or with ultrasonic and low pressure spray techniques. After cleaning, components should be thoroughly rinsed in water.

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