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SWM Spray Washing Machine

Front loading single stage aqua spray washers for aqueous cleaning of small and medium sized components


The spray washing machines provide excellent cleaning results thanks to a smart design used together with heat, high spray pressures and liquid flow rates achieved by the built in pump. The spray system rotates around a fixed load giving a perfect cleaning result together with a very easy loading- and unloading system.

Additional Details
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Insulated tank and washing chamber
  • Stainless steel cover plates
  • Stainless steel washing carriage
  • Stainless steel fixed loading platform
  • Stainless steel spray bars and nozzles
  • Full flow coarse filtration via round filter baskets.
  • Standard evacuation fan
  • Automatic water refill
  • Transport trolley. (optional)
  • Condensing fumes extraction fan (optional)
  • Chemical dosing (optional)
  • Automatic in and out transport of washing carriage. (optional)
  • Oil separators (optional)
  • Special rolling doors for workshop with limited space (optional)
  • Agitating washing carriage (optional)
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