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LDM Liner Diameter Measuring Instrument

Complete liner measurement in fractions of time compared to traditional methods.


The liner diamater measuring instrument makes for accurate measuring of cylinder liner diameters without the need for removing cylinder head or valve housing. The hand-held terminal, which comes complete with preset engine data for most of today’s existing 2-stroke engines, is in constant, wireless communication with the measuring unit as the measuring unit collects up to 12 measured diameters on each level in the cylinder liner. Because of the astounding ease with which it is used and the decimation of the time taken compared to traditional methods, the LDM is in every way a replacement of the traditional internal micrometer. Upon purchase, you can order engine specific supplies or the complete delivery for versatile use on most 2-stroke engines.

Additional Details
  • Innovative measuring tool for 500 – 980 mm bore 2-stroke cylinder liners
  • Safe, fast and accurate measuring of cylinder liner wear and clover-leafing
  • No need to remove cylinder cover prior to measurement
  • Up to 12 measured diameters on each level in the cylinder liner
  • Important tool in condition-based monitoring of the cylinder condition

Available for several engine makers, e.g: MAN B&W, MITSUBISHI, SULZER

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