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CPS Surface Grinding Machine

For grinding of sealing surfaces between cylinder head and cylinder liner and between cylinder liner and engine frame on large bore diesel engines as well as several other applications


The CPS surface grinding machine was designed and developed for the grinding of sealing surfaces (like those between cylinder head and cylinder liner, or between cylinder liner and engine frame), though it can also be put to use in several other applications. Already within its standard operation the CPS can make your diesel engine more efficient and also increase the lifespan of said engine and the duration between expensive though necessary maintenances. The machine is easily utilized by a single operator; it is available in both pneumatically and electrically driven versions and due to the interchangeable grinding and milling heads makes for an extremely versatile tool.

Additional Details
  • Standard operating range diameter 600 – 1400 mm
  • Large portable surface grinding machine designed for multiple applications on all large-bore 2-stroke engines, and other tasks
  • Available in both pneumatic and electric versions
  • Easily operated by one man
  • Versatile
  • Optional milling equipment
  • Interchangeable grinding and milling heads for special applications available on demand

Available for several engine makers, e.g: MAN B&W, SULZER

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